Galloway Creek (Maryland, United States )

Large anchorage that is rarely used. Open to the South West, so predominant winds can cool off the boat on a hot day. On weekends, there is enough traffic in Middle River to make this somewhat uncomfortable. If you overnight, there is some commercial traffic to rock the boat in the early morning. Probably best for boats under 6' of draft. Beware the shoals. Enter the creek near Bowley's Marina.

Not enough data to generate charts. Contribute by checking-in the next time you are at this location
Anchorage Datasheet:
Coordinates latitude: 39.306 longitude: -76.387
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Created by
Adam Plourde
Middle River
United States
On: 10-Aug-2017 19:48
At or near Cold Spring Road, Middle River, Maryland, 21220 United States
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