Rum Cay (The Bahamas)
Yaiza - Canarias (Spain)
Squirrel Cove - British Columbia (Canada)
Mindelo - Brava (Cape Verde)
Ermoupoli - South Aegean Islands (Greece)

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World's most beautiful marinas and anchorages

Avg. rating
marina_perdika Perdika Epirus Gr 5.0
marina_zadar Zadar Zadarska Hr 5.0
anchorage_sag_harbor_east_harbor_drive_ Sag Harbor (East Harbor Drive) New York Us 5.0
anchorage_baia_di_paraggi Baia di Paraggi Liguria It 5.0
anchorage_mapagbo_creek_1 Mapagbo Creek 1 Ph 5.0

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15 minutes ago checkin_icon Ocean Voyager checked in at Brown Bay Marina, Heriot Bay, British Columbia, Canada checkin_place
24 minutes ago checkin_icon The Marilyn checked in at Fort Lauderdale Marina, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States checkin_place
4 days ago navigation_aid_icon New AIS ATON added: Cr Luigs, Trinidad and Tobago
4 days ago twitter_icon Tivat Marina. Use to add sailing points of interest to #opencpn twitter_place
9 months ago blogger_icon Avoid Crowded Anchorages This Summer
9 months ago blogger_icon Featured sQuiddio user: S/V Reboot
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