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Use your favorite social media app and sQuiddio to contribute to the fastest-growing user-sourced repository of sailing points of interest. Take a photo, choose a location, add the #squiddio hashtag and send. Then see your content appear on OpenCPN charts and pages.


Attach a photo

If sending from Twitter, don't forget to include a photo of the location. You can send multiple posts if you'd like to share more than one image. more..

Choose a location

This will enable sQuiddio to assign your post to the corresponding destination. more..

Add the #squiddio hashtag

sQuiddio will detect your post and update the destination page within seconds. more..

Make the destination stand out on ..


Your photos appear in the image carousel

The more beautiful the images, the greater the destination's appeal

Your posts appear in the destination's media feed

Benefit the entire sailing community with important information or useful tidbits about the place

Your posts contribute to the popularity rating

Make the destination stand out in searches on sQuiddio and OpencCPN

and in OpenCPN Charts


Report uncharted navigational hazards


Create a new location if necessary

Be as accurate as possible! The coordinates of the location will be used to place the hazards on maps and OpenCPN charts. more..

Document the hazard

Create a post with text and images that may help others identify and avoid the navigational hazard.

Add the #hazard hashtag

Followed by a brief description of the type of hazard. You can use additional hashtags (e.g. #obstruction, #reef, #shoal etc.) to be more specific

Help the entire sailing community!

Featured_dest_on_map Opencpn2

Existing destinations are updated

More posts also mean a higher Popularity Rating, thus the opportunity to become featured destinations in sQuiddio maps and OpenCPN charts.

New destinations are created

(Note: at least 3 unique posts are required)

Posts complement the destination's way-point

The information is available offline to help cruisers make decision while under way

Navigational hazard are displayed in OpenCPN charts