Birka Stockholm

Class: Other
Country: Se Sweden
Home port:
MMSI: 266314000
LOA (mt): 176.0

Birka Stockholm's frequent Destinations
image_stockholm_ryssviksv_gen_ Anchor_blu Stockholm (Ryssviksvägen) Se
image_biskopsv_gen_marina Marina_grn Biskopsvägen Marina Se
image_furusunds Pier_yel Furusunds Se
image_sj_station_fj_derholmarna_ab Fuelpump_red Sjöstation Fjäderholmarna AB Se
image_waldemarsviken_marina Marina_grn Waldemarsviken Marina Se
image_stockholm_rlogsv_gen_ Anchor_blu stockholm (Örlogsvägen) Se

Birka Stockholm's latest log reports
6 minutes ago lat: 60.071 lon: 19.557
13 minutes ago lat: 60.073 lon: 19.566
22 minutes ago lat: 60.075 lon: 19.575
35 minutes ago lat: 60.078 lon: 19.59
about 1 hour ago lat: 60.081 lon: 19.602
about 1 hour ago lat: 60.084 lon: 19.61
about 1 hour ago lat: 60.087 lon: 19.619
about 1 hour ago lat: 60.09 lon: 19.628
about 1 hour ago lat: 60.094 lon: 19.638
about 2 hours ago lat: 60.097 lon: 19.648
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