WindFeather II Sample boat

Owner: Ken Zieme
Class: Sailboat
Country: Us United States
Home port:
MMSI: 319594000
Make/model: Capital yachts  neptune
LOA (mt):

WindFeather II's frequent Destinations
image_puerto_palma Marina_grn Puerto Palma Es
image_simpson_bay Anchor_blu Simpson Bay Saint Martins
image_gangplank_marina Marina_grn Gangplank Marina Us
image_alexandria_marina Marina_grn Alexandria Marina Us
image_baltimore_key_highway_marina Marina_grn Baltimore (Key Highway) Marina Us
image_marina_da_horta Marina_grn Marina Da Horta Pt

WindFeather II's latest log reports
about 1 month ago lat: 14.079 lon: -60.955 Lc
about 1 month ago lat: 17.911 lon: -62.868 St. Barth An
about 1 month ago lat: 17.925 lon: -62.937 Saint Martins
about 1 month ago Anchor_blu Checkin_sm Simpson Bay image_simpson_bay Saint Martins
Sorry, no images available for this boat.


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