Class: Powerboat
Country: Ky Cayman Islands
Home port:
MMSI: 319003700
LOA (mt): 35.0

Vitamin's frequent Destinations
image_mykonos_harbour Pier_yel Mykonos Harbour Gr
image_ornos_eparchiaki_odos_ormou_agiou_ioanni_agiou_stefanou_ Anchor_blu Ornos (Eparchiaki Odos Ormou Agiou Ioanni-Agiou Stefanou) Gr
image_platys_gialos_bay_mikonos Anchor_blu Platys Gialos Bay, MIkonos Gr
image_mikonos Anchor_blu mikonos Gr
image_piraeus Marina_grn Piraeus Gr
image_flisvos_marina Marina_grn Flisvos Marina Gr

Vitamin's latest log reports
3 months ago lat: 37.873 lon: 23.323
3 months ago Marina_grn Checkin_sm Piraeus image_piraeus Gr
3 months ago lat: 37.637 lon: 23.421
3 months ago lat: 37.504 lon: 23.471
3 months ago lat: 37.672 lon: 23.528
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