Class: Powerboat
Country: Us United States
Home port:
MMSI: 368000730
LOA (mt): 37.0

Buckpasser's frequent Destinations
image_hall_of_fame_marina Marina_grn Hall of Fame Marina Us
image_1st_performance_marina_inc Marina_grn 1st Performance Marina Inc Us
image_fort_lauderdale_marina Marina_grn Fort Lauderdale Marina Us
image_goat_island_marina Marina_grn Goat Island Marina Us
image_beaufort_sensation_weigh_marina Marina_grn Beaufort (Sensation Weigh) Marina Us

Buckpasser's latest log reports
5 days ago Marina_grn Checkin_sm Beaufort (Sensation Weigh) Marina image_beaufort_sensation_weigh_marina Us
28 days ago Marina_grn Checkin_sm Goat Island Marina image_goat_island_marina Us
3 months ago Marina_grn Checkin_sm Hall of Fame Marina image_hall_of_fame_marina Us
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