Class: Powerboat
Country: Vg British Virgin Islands
Home port:
MMSI: 378112701
LOA (mt): 21.0

Amoenitas's frequent Destinations
image_simpson_bay_yacht_club Club_pur Simpson Bay Yacht Club Saint Martins
image_deshaies Pier_yel Deshaies Gp
image_falmouth_harbor_marina Marina_grn Falmouth Harbor Marina Ag
image_harbour_hill Marina_grn Harbour Hill Ag
image_sint_maarten_yacht_club Club_pur Sint Maarten Yacht Club Saint Martins
image_simpson_bay Anchor_blu Simpson Bay Saint Martins

Amoenitas's latest log reports
8 days ago lat: 41.285 lon: 8.472
8 days ago lat: 41.291 lon: 7.947
10 days ago lat: 41.366 lon: 2.681
10 days ago lat: 41.362 lon: 2.506
about 1 month ago lat: 41.365 lon: 2.186
3 months ago Marina_grn Checkin_sm Harbour Towne Marina image_harbour_towne_marina Us
3 months ago lat: 26.094 lon: -80.117
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