Class: Powerboat
Country: Uk United Kingdom
Home port:
MMSI: 235108471
LOA (mt): 56.0

Bayesian's frequent Destinations
image_english_harbour Anchor_blu English Harbour Ag
image_frenchman_039_s_cay_slipway_marina Marina_grn Frenchman's Cay Slipway Marina Vg
image_jost_van_dyke Anchor_blu Jost Van Dyke Vg
image_simpson_bay Anchor_blu Simpson Bay Saint Martins
image_puerto_palma Marina_grn Puerto Palma Es

Bayesian's latest log reports
about 1 month ago Marina_grn Checkin_sm Puerto Palma image_puerto_palma Es
2 months ago lat: 17.902 lon: -62.868
2 months ago lat: 17.881 lon: -62.854
3 months ago Anchor_blu Checkin_sm English Harbour image_english_harbour Ag
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