Squidd.io OpenCpn Plugin

Squidd.io as an OpenCPN plugin


Find thousands of marinas and anchorages right on your chart

Squiddio makes its global user-sourced and user-maintained repository of sailing destinations (marinas, anchorages, yacht clubs, docks, fuel stations etc.) available as waypoints in OpenCPN* through a plugin.

Monitor your boat's sensor data from the comfort of your home

Automatically upload Wind, Temperature, Depth and other data from your on-board NMEA senors at chosen intervals and view them on your home computer or mobile device.


Stay connected

Follow a customized fleet of vessels right on your OpenCPN chart and share your GPS position with others

Download Satellite Maps to your chart

The plugin provides an easy way to select and download Google satellite maps for virtually all of the over 30,000 POIs in its database, in a format that can be readily imported into OpenCPN or other navigation apps.


Download the official version of the plugin

Want to know more? Read the plugin FAQ

Use of the plugin is free of charge. A free sQuiddio account is required for certain functions.

* OpenCPN version 3.3 or greater required