Class: Powerboat
Country: Bm Bermuda
Home port:
MMSI: 310563000
LOA (mt): 68.0

Archimedes's frequent Destinations
image_new_york_11th_avenue_marina Marina grn New York (11th Avenue) Marina Us
image_fort_lauderdale_marina Marina grn Fort Lauderdale Marina Us
image_north_cove_marina Marina grn North Cove Marina Us
image_falmouth_harbor_marina Marina grn Falmouth Harbor Marina Ag
image_newport_yacht_club_and_marina Club pur Newport Yacht Club and Marina Us
image_nonsuch_bay Anchor blu Nonsuch bay Ag

Archimedes's latest log reports
13 days ago lat: 57.297 lon: -5.865
14 days ago lat: 57.272 lon: -5.539
14 days ago lat: 56.433 lon: -5.536
15 days ago lat: 56.431 lon: -5.516
16 days ago lat: 55.628 lon: -6.038
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