Class: Powerboat
Country: Nl Netherlands
Home port:
MMSI: 244030123
LOA (mt): 24.0

Tx51's frequent Destinations
image_urk_burgemeester_j_schipperkade_marina Marina grn Urk (Burgemeester J. Schipperkade) Marina Nl
image_the_hague Marina grn The Hague Nl
image_lelystad_markerwaarddijk_marina Marina grn Lelystad (Markerwaarddijk) Marina Nl
image_lelystad Marina grn Lelystad Nl
image_amsterdam_ijtunnel_marina Marina grn Amsterdam (IJtunnel) Marina Nl
image_ijmuiden Marina grn IJmuiden Nl

Tx51's latest log reports
7 days ago Marina grn Checkin sm The Hague image_the_hague Nl
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