Johanna Engelina

Class: Sailboat
Country: Nl Netherlands
Home port:
MMSI: 244670013
LOA (mt): 38.0

Johanna Engelina's frequent Destinations
image_harlingen_havenplein_ Pier yel Harlingen (Havenplein) Nl
image_compagnieshaven Fuelpump red Compagnieshaven Nl
image_amsterdam_ijtunnel_marina Marina grn Amsterdam (IJtunnel) Marina Nl
image_den_oever Marina grn den oever Nl
image_karnwerd_anker_baai Anchor blu Karnwerd anker baai Nl
image_west_terschelling Marina grn West-Terschelling Nl

Johanna Engelina's latest log reports
10 minutes ago lat: 53.01 lon: 5.284
24 minutes ago lat: 53.004 lon: 5.309
37 minutes ago lat: 52.992 lon: 5.354
about 1 hour ago lat: 52.983 lon: 5.363
about 1 hour ago lat: 52.97 lon: 5.341
about 1 hour ago lat: 52.931 lon: 5.272
about 2 hours ago lat: 52.927 lon: 5.284
about 2 hours ago lat: 52.929 lon: 5.349
about 2 hours ago lat: 52.928 lon: 5.374
about 3 hours ago lat: 52.888 lon: 5.271
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