Class: Powerboat
Country: Mt Malta
Home port:
MMSI: 256032000
LOA (mt): 73.0

Yalla's frequent Destinations
image_port_hercules Marina grn Port Hercules Mc
image_cagnes_sur_mer_promenade_de_la_plage_ Anchor blu Cagnes Sur Mer (Promenade de la Plage) Fr
image_saint_tropez_route_d_partementale_98a_ Anchor blu Saint Tropez (Route Départementale 98a) Fr
image_piraeus Marina grn Piraeus Gr
image_schoinoussa Pier yel Schoinoussa Gr
image_puerto_palma Marina grn Puerto Palma Es

Yalla's latest log reports
25 days ago lat: 39.315 lon: 2.378
30 days ago lat: 39.488 lon: 2.661
about 1 month ago lat: 39.146 lon: 3.496
about 1 month ago lat: 36.763 lon: 14.143
Sorry, no images available for this boat.
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NMEA Charts
MWV: Wind Speed - Last 24 Hours
MWV: Wind Angle - Last 24 Hours
MWV: Wind Speed - last 30 days
MWV: Wind Angle - Last 30 Days
DBT: Depth - Last 24 Hours