Class: Powerboat
Country: Ky Cayman Islands
Home port:
MMSI: 319510000
LOA (mt): 74.0

Mogambo's frequent Destinations
image_falmouth_harbor_marina Marina grn Falmouth Harbor Marina Ag
image_marina_port_vell Marina grn MARINA PORT VELL Es
image_naples Anchor blu Naples It
image_puerto_palma Marina grn Puerto Palma Es
image_piraeus Marina grn Piraeus Gr
image_kranidi Pier yel Kranidi Gr

Mogambo's latest log reports
23 days ago lat: 36.871 lon: 24.733
24 days ago lat: 37.378 lon: 23.828
25 days ago lat: 37.511 lon: 23.438
30 days ago lat: 37.275 lon: 23.153
about 1 month ago Pier yel Checkin sm Kranidi image_kranidi Gr
about 1 month ago lat: 37.435 lon: 23.095
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Boat Datasheet

NMEA Charts
MWV: Wind Speed - Last 24 Hours
MWV: Wind Angle - Last 24 Hours
MWV: Wind Speed - last 30 days
MWV: Wind Angle - Last 30 Days
DBT: Depth - Last 24 Hours