Class: Powerboat
Country: Us United States
Home port:
MMSI: 338155246
LOA (mt):

Jusmad's frequent Destinations
image_annapolis_landing_marina_docks_ Marina grn Annapolis Landing Marina (Docks) Us
image_nova_university_marina Marina grn Nova University Marina Us
image_compass_point_marina Marina grn Compass Point Marina Vg
image_fort_lauderdale_marina Marina grn Fort Lauderdale Marina Us
image_hall_of_fame_marina Marina grn Hall of Fame Marina Us
image_san_juan_marina_and_yacht_club Club pur San Juan marina and Yacht Club Pr

Jusmad's latest log reports
1 day ago Marina grn Checkin sm Annapolis Landing Marina (Docks) image_annapolis_landing_marina_docks_ Us
2 days ago lat: 39.11 lon: -76.337
2 days ago lat: 39.256 lon: -76.238
2 days ago lat: 39.272 lon: -76.233
2 days ago lat: 39.283 lon: -76.23
2 days ago lat: 39.313 lon: -76.214
2 days ago lat: 39.325 lon: -76.205
2 days ago lat: 39.36 lon: -76.148
2 days ago lat: 39.39 lon: -76.074
2 days ago lat: 39.394 lon: -76.06
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