Class: Powerboat
Country: Ky Cayman Islands
Home port:
MMSI: 319134800
LOA (mt): 46.0

Q95's frequent Destinations
image_sint_maarten_yacht_club Club pur Sint Maarten Yacht Club Saint Martins
image_viareggio_porto Marina grn Viareggio Porto It
image_viareggio_via_marina_di_levante_ Marina grn Viareggio (Via Marina di Levante) It
image_viareggio_viale_guglielmo_marconi_ Anchor blu Viareggio (Viale Guglielmo Marconi) It
image_port_hercules Marina grn Port Hercules Mc
image_marina_fort_louis Marina grn Marina Fort Louis Gp

Q95's latest log reports
about 1 month ago lat: 17.998 lon: -63.042
about 1 month ago Club pur Checkin sm Sint Maarten Yacht Club image_sint_maarten_yacht_club Saint Martins
about 1 month ago lat: 18.034 lon: -63.102
about 1 month ago Marina grn Checkin sm Polypat Caraïbes Boat Yard image_polypat_cara_iuml_bes_boat_yard Gp
about 1 month ago Marina grn Checkin sm Marina Fort Louis image_marina_fort_louis Gp
6 months ago Marina grn Checkin sm Port Hercules image_port_hercules Mc
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