Class: Powerboat
Country: Ky Cayman Islands
Home port:
MMSI: 319085300
LOA (mt):

Ruya's frequent Destinations
image_puerto_palma Marina grn Puerto Palma Es
image_cannes_jet_e_ Anchor blu Cannes (Jetée) Fr
image_nova_university_marina Marina grn Nova University Marina Us
image_harbour_towne_marina Marina grn Harbour Towne Marina Us
image_cala_di_volpe Anchor blu Cala di Volpe It
image_marina_arenella Marina grn Marina Arenella It

Ruya's latest log reports
1 day ago lat: 40.635 lon: 14.384
1 day ago lat: 40.635 lon: 14.37
1 day ago lat: 40.639 lon: 14.34
1 day ago lat: 40.634 lon: 14.331
1 day ago lat: 40.624 lon: 14.318
1 day ago lat: 40.594 lon: 14.305
1 day ago lat: 40.577 lon: 14.305
1 day ago lat: 40.552 lon: 14.36
1 day ago lat: 40.597 lon: 14.309
1 day ago lat: 40.62 lon: 14.313
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