Class: Powerboat
Country: Ky Cayman Islands
Home port:
MMSI: 319030900
LOA (mt): 43.0

Calliope's frequent Destinations
image_fort_lauderdale_marina Marina grn Fort Lauderdale Marina Us
image_cooley_s_landing_marina Marina grn Cooley's Landing Marina Us
image_nova_university_marina Marina grn Nova University Marina Us
image_riverfront_marina Marina grn Riverfront Marina Us
image_fort_lauderdale_southwest_20th_street_marina Marina grn Fort Lauderdale (Southwest 20th Street) Marina Us
image_ponta_delgada Marina grn Ponta Delgada Pt

Calliope's latest log reports
9 minutes ago lat: 40.567 lon: 14.346
12 minutes ago lat: 40.571 lon: 14.353
17 minutes ago lat: 40.58 lon: 14.373
22 minutes ago lat: 40.586 lon: 14.384
25 minutes ago lat: 40.59 lon: 14.395
31 minutes ago lat: 40.596 lon: 14.417
36 minutes ago lat: 40.599 lon: 14.434
42 minutes ago lat: 40.602 lon: 14.449
about 1 hour ago lat: 40.607 lon: 14.464
about 16 hours ago lat: 40.619 lon: 14.482
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