Class: Powerboat
Country: Uk United Kingdom
Home port:
MMSI: 235112247
LOA (mt): 55.0

Atlante's frequent Destinations
image_marina_piccola_di_capri Anchor blu Marina Piccola di Capri It
image_capri_est_ Anchor blu Capri (Est) It
image_marina_marina_grande Marina grn Marina Marina Grande It
image_marina_porticciolo_nazario_sauro Marina grn Marina Porticciolo Nazario Sauro It
image_naples Anchor blu Naples It
image_mergellina_marina Marina grn Mergellina Marina It

Atlante's latest log reports
4 days ago lat: 38.82 lon: 2.421
5 days ago lat: 39.666 lon: 11.463
5 days ago lat: 39.806 lon: 11.866
6 days ago lat: 40.22 lon: 13.049
6 days ago lat: 40.433 lon: 13.679
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